Active Members

All of our members both Users (seeking Thailand property) and Agents (supplying properties) are active.
What does this mean?


For Agents, it means that if a listing is not updated within 2 months the agent is notified and after a few days (if we have no response from the agent or the listing isn't updated), it is made inactive - The listing still exists, but users will not be able to view it and it is no longer included in the site statistics.
If we still receive no response then after a further "GRACE" period, we assume that the property listing is no longer available and the listing will be permanently deleted from our Thailand property database.
This ensures that our users always have the freshest information about AVAILABLE Thailand property and real estate but with the minimum of maintenance overhead for Agents.
Generally though. Thailand property and real estate has a fast turn-around and as properties are sold, rented or leased, the listings are updated with a new property.
So check back often and don't be surprised if your bookmark has changed to a completely different property.


Similarly for Users. If a user does not log in for 2 months then they will be sent an e-mail reminder to come back and visit us. If they do not return after a short period, then their account will be made inactive and omitted from the statistics, on the assumption that they are no longer looking to buy, rent or lease a Thailand property and will have to contact us by e-mail to re-instate their account.
As with the Agents, if no response is received after the "GRACE" period, we then consider it a confirmation that they are no longer looking for a property or real estate in Thailand and will be deleted from our records.
This ensures that our Agents have only serious enquiries from users who are CURRENTLY looking to buy Thailand property or real estate in Thailand.