Successful Listing Tips

What Not To Do - IMPORTANT

Do not put any of your contact details (Telephone, Company Name, Email etc) or links to other websites in the listing so that it can be viewed without signing up as a user. Users have access to all your direct contact and web page details once they sign up and can view them at the bottom of the property listing page. TPS cannot monitor the public sections of the listing and the pages are regularly indexed by search engines and therefore easily available to those with malicious intent. We regularly audit the listings and those that include such information will be de-activated until the references are removed. This is for your own protection!

Listings and/or user details that include links to property pictures off-site in an attempt to circumvent the free advertisement offer are also not allowed and therefore will also be de-activated.

Add As Much Property Information As Possible.

Make sure you fill out the listing form with as much information about the the property as possible. This will give the best possible chance for your property to be found during searching. Try to fill out at least one category in each field and if you know the geo-cordinates, include those so that the customer can see a satellite picture of the location. Make sure your Agent reference is included so that the customer can refer directly to your property when arranging a viewing or requesting further information. If a customer contacts you through our site, this reference is inluded in the email automatically.

Use A Meaningful Property Title.

Use a Title for the listing that includes the city (and province if they are different). For example "2 Bedroom House For Sale in Chiang Mai". This gives the maximum potential for the search engines to go directly to your property listing and allows the casual seeker to easily find your property. It is also used for the RSS feeds when notifying users of new and updated properties.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words.

Properties with images are far more attractive to potential buyers than those without. Property buyers want to see what the property looks like before contacting the Agent and research shows that a property with images is 5 times more likely to be followed by an enquiry than without. The more photographs you add to your listing, the longer the customer will be looking at your property and the more likely they are of gaining a positive impression. We recommend between 3 and 8 photographs depending on the size of the property. The main photograph should be of the front of the house, with a minumum of 1 photograph per room and 2 or 3 of the exterior features if it is applicable (swimming pool, patio, front and back gardens etc). Make sure you at least include a bathroom and kitchen photograph (if it is a house, condo etc) as these are the No1 selling points of any property.

Add/Update New Properties Regularly.

New and updated properties have a higher rank than older ones. However, it is better to add new properties as they become available as they have a higher rank than updated properties. If you have the maximum allowable number of listings, you can upload the details and replace an existing property listing and this will be registered accordingly.

Featured Property

Featured properties give the highest exposure and appear on our welcome page. A featured property costs a little bit more but but obtains 3 times the number of views than a non-featured property. Additionaly, featured properties are regularly indexed by the search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) and are more likely to attract the casual seeker. Only 5 listings are viewable at any one time on the welcome page, but these are rotated with every view. The more featured properties you have, the higher probablility that a casual seeker will view it on the first visit whether a current member or not.