Property Agents

Generally, Agents are specialists in buying, selling, renting and leasing real estate. Agents are separate businesses and located the length and breadth of Thailand. Each Agent is a specialist in their respective province ensuring that up-to-the-minute information on available properties is at your fingertips.

Agents can also be individuals. People with one or two private properties that that are for sale, rent or lease. ThaiPropertySearch.Com does not discriminate between individuals and businesses since our sole purpose is to deliver quality information on ALL available properties . Disclaimer

You're In Control Of Your Advertisement

As an Agent, you have complete control over your property listing with the Agent Admin interface. Try it now by Signing Up As An Agent. Once you have signed up and logged in, you will be able to access the Agent Admin area by the clicking on the Admin button which will now be visible in the left hand menu below the Home button. You can then create or edit your listing and change your contact details by entering the Admin Area.

Once you have created your property listing, you can immediately preview your property as it will be seen by visitors. Your listing will not be active until it has been reviewed by a moderator and the appropriate fee has been paid. Please read the Successful Advertising Tips to ensure that you have the best possible exposure for your listing.

Click here to see an example property listing.

Once your subscription has been reviewed (usually within 24hrs), members will be able to view your listing and contact details.
You can then change your listing (including advertising a completely different property) at any time within the subscription period by changing the details and photographs with the admin interface.

So. If the property is sold or rented, you can simply upload the new details to advertise a different property at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Whats in it for me as an Agent?

There are many agents and properties available in Thailand and customers searching for property are often overwhelmed with the effort involved in finding a suitable property amongst the myriad of real estate web pages. We make it very easy for users to find thier perfect property and the Agent that is dealing with it. The result - increased enquiries and increased revenues for the Agent.

We ensure that your properties are highly visible on the internet. We manage the time consuming processes of search engine rankings, internet link advertising and promotion management to ensure that your web page and your company information is only one click away from your customer.

Benefits Summary:

  • High internet visiblility for your properties.

  • More enquiries.

  • Increased traffic to your website home page.

  • Increased revenue for your business

So Sign Up As An Agent Then Click On One Of The Payment Options Below.


We have worked hard over the last year to bring you value for service and have been able to reduce costs significantly. We can now pass on the savings to you, our customer, and hope that our new pricing shceme adds even more value to your business and your pocket.

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Per Listing
1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year
* Prices in British Pounds are converted from Thai Baht based on the current exchange rate and are liable to change. Therefore, the quoted British Pound prices are only applicable at the time of order completion.